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Do all the things you’ve been dreaming of

You’ve been saving for retirement for years – and plotting your adventures for when you finally get to enjoy all the hard work you’ve put in. The only thing is, all these things cost money. And now retirement’s really not that far away, there’s a lot to think about…

“How much will I have to live on? Do I have enough? Will I run out of money?”

It’s a huge change in your finances. And a totally different money mindset.

We’re here to help you make that shift from saving to spending.

We’ll help you understand your options and show you what different situations might look like. We’ll plan for the best, and the worst, and help you land somewhere in between, where you feel comfortable, confident and reassured that you will be able to enjoy your hard-earned retirement.

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Meet Helen and David*

With retirement approaching rather rapidly, and a business sale in the pipeline, David and Helen were beginning to think about all the ways they could enjoy their impending freedom.

They had both, individually, been keen investors, but needed help to make the transition from growing their capital to drawing an income. They didn’t want to restrict their plans because of money, but similarly didn’t want to run out of money whilst gallivanting around the world. Because there were still so many unknowns, they didn’t know where to start in reorganising their assets.

Whilst we can’t predict the future, we were able to reduce their level of uncertainty by using cash flow modelling to explore different possibilities and plan for the level of income and capital they’d need to fund their adventures. We then specifically selected tax-efficient investments that would allow them to switch on an income when they choose to, securing
them the lifestyle they have spent so many years working and saving for.

With a clear financial plan now in place, Helen and David feel secure knowing that they can do all the things they’ve been dreaming about. And as ‘the date’ gets ever closer, instead of worrying about whether they’re making the right decisions with their money, they only have to decide which of their escapades they’ll get to first.

*Names and some details have been changed to protect our client’s confidentiality.

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