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Simplify your finances so you can enjoy life

Your money isn’t just money. It’s your passport to freedom. And it certainly shouldn’t feel like something that’s weighing you down.

When you’ve been saving and planning for almost half a century, it’s not surprising that your finances might have become a little unruly. And when you’re stuck in the middle of all the accounts and paperwork, it can be hard to see the best route to make your money management less taxing. We can help clear the way.

We’ve been helping people untangle their finances for nearly thirty years.

Together, we’ll overhaul your finances so that they’re wonderfully simple to manage. At the same time, we’ll look at ways your wealth can help you get more out of life, whether that’s increasing your income, releasing a lump sum for your dream purchase or to protect your loved ones from a hefty inheritance tax bill.

Retirement is a time to relax. It shouldn’t still feel like work. If you want to think about your money less, but make it work harder, we can certainly do that.

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Meet Mr and Mrs Thacker*

Mr and Mrs Thacker have been diligent savers for the past 40 years, safely tucking away enough so that they’d be comfortable in retirement, and had amassed an array of savings, investments and pensions. A few years into retirement, however, they seemed to be spending a great deal of time keeping track of them all and desperately wanted to make their finances simpler.

They asked us to help consolidate their wealth and create a financial plan to last both of their lifetimes. We needed to dovetail their need for long-term income, and protecting their capital to pass on to their children, whilst keeping tax liabilities now and in the future as low as possible.

Our first step was to evaluate Mr and Mrs Thacker’s existing assets and identify ways to consolidate and streamline them. A discounted gift trust and an AIM portfolio were selected to maximise tax-efficiency while keeping a degree of flexibility and, as they hadn’t updated their wills since they married in the 70s, we also referred them to a local solicitor. This prudent gifting and tax planning will allow them, and their family, to make the most of inheritance tax allowances.

With one team to deal with instead of dozens, Mr and Mrs Thacker have freed up a surprising amount of time. Reassured that their money is working hard for them, and that their family will be taken care of, they can now relax and fully enjoy all the possibilities the feeling of financial freedom has opened up.

*Names and some details have been changed to protect our client’s confidentiality.

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