Taylor Money’s “Bake for Ukraine” raises £16,000

by | Mar 29, 2022 | Office News | 0 comments

Here at Taylor Money, we are always looking at ways to support worthy causes, whether close to home or further afield.

None more so than the efforts to help those living through the terror of what is happening in Ukraine or those being displaced by the war.   Our very own Artem Dubas is from the Ukraine and we wanted to do everything we could to support him and his country.

We decided to get our bake on and host a Coffee and Cake sale on the 11th March.  Our team baked a variety of delicious treats, and we were delighted to see those clients who were able to pop in during the morning. 

It goes without saying that the coffee morning was a great success, and with the exceptional generosity of those of you who donated, we are extremely proud to announce that we raised £7,940.  Taylor Money have matched the total raised with a further £7,000 donated to the Disasters Emergency Committee British Red Cross Ukraine Appeal, and £1000 to support a fundraiser by one of our client’s sons for 7 mothers and their children who have managed to escape to Germany.  Please visit the below websites for more information, and donations are still being accepted if you would like to support these worthy causes.



We are truly moved by all of the effort to help so a very big thank you to everyone involved.

Artem has written this article which looks at Ukraine’s history and the implications this war will have on his country, and the world in general. 

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