Taylor Money supports “Culture Camp”

by | Nov 21, 2022 | Office News | 0 comments

St Ives School of Painting run an outreach project for teenagers called “Culture Camp”. It has been our pleasure to be able to support this cause since earlier this year.

The “Culture Camp” project gives young people, who are either too ill to go to school or those who have been excluded from school, the opportunity to immerse themselves in art.

Inspiring young people to both admire artists, and create their own pieces, the artist-led workshops take place in and around St Ives, and include trips to the beach, The Tate St Ives and Leach Pottery.  Many of the teens have their eyes opened to new opportunities and experiences that most of us would take for granted on a daily basis.  For example, some had never been to the beach before, despite living only a matter of miles away, and getting enjoyment from being in a social environment when for many they live such solitary lives. 

With the sensitive approach made by the course leaders, the students who would otherwise shy away from such activities surprised themselves with how free they felt when stepping out of their comfort zones, and being able to open up and express themselves.  Stepping out of their normal surroundings and into the creative space of the studios was a highest ranking experience, which many said contributed to their enhanced  wellbeing.

This goes to show the importance of why exposure to new experiences is vital as a catalyst for change, and some students showed real interest in being more creative, and going on to study art and design.

Those who undertake the programme receive a nationally recognised qualification, which for some will be the only educational award they will get, an artist book and a bumper pack of art materials to take home to continue their interests.

We are truly humbled by this service that Cat Lee, Youth Arts Manager of St Ives School of Painting, provides.  It is undeniable the impact that it has on these youngsters, and we are only too happy to be able to help.

If you would like further information or if you would like to offer support to “Culture Camp”, please contact cat@schoolofpainting.co.uk


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