Taylor Money Giving Back – Charity Update 2024

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As a business, we take great pride in being able to support our local community and charities.  We have been charitably giving for years, however we have recently assembled a Charity Committee to ensure it remains a focus going forwards.  Everyone at Taylor Money has a say in who we support, and we welcome any of your suggestions too.  Please read on for details of our “Charity Of The Year” as well as some updates.

Children’s Sailing Trust

Each year we nominate a Charity of the Year, and for 2024 we will be supporting the Children’s Sailing Trust.  Based on the Helford and the Lizard, they make sailing accessible and affordable for children all over Cornwall. It is surprising how many children lack the opportunity to access water, even though as a county Cornwall is surrounded by it. This charity reaches out to all school children, including those living in poverty, struggling with mental health or who are physically disabled.  It really does make getting out on the water possible for everyone. But it isn’t all about learning to sail, it’s about giving children the opportunity to learn about themselves, and individuals often grow in confidence and resilience, and for some it is a life-changing experience. 

In addition to making a monthly donation, we provide one day a year for each member of the team to do some volunteering, and we will be looking forward to offering our services to the Trust this year.

St Ives School of Painting

We have supported the St Ives School of Painting since April 2021.  Their inclusion projects reach out to those who cannot access the youth arts projects and are designed to bring visual arts and culture to children who live in poverty, those who have been excluded from school or too ill to go to school.  In total, the donations for last year funded 64 young people in 4 different projects around the county.  Each child is also given a bag of art materials to take home and use in their own time which have been very popular.

Falmouth and Penryn Foodbank

As well as the regular donations, we also support charities on an ad hoc basis.  One of which is the Falmouth and Penryn Foodbank who we will be fundraising for at some of our events this year, including the 35th anniversary celebration in July. 

Weston Hospicecare

At the end of last year we held a bake sale fundraiser for Weston Hospicecare.  We are delighted to announce that £1,000 was raised for this facility which was a huge support to our team member Sam and his family.  Thank you very much to everyone who donated so generously.

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