Meet The Team: Neil Woodward

by | Aug 23, 2021 | Office News | 0 comments

Name: Neil Woodward

Job Title: Paraplanner

Tell us about what your job entails:

The main part of my job is drafting recommendation reports for the advisers, and the research behind that. It can get quite technical if pension contributions, investment bonds or unusual existing policies are involved. I also field queries from advisers on topics such as capital gains tax and the State Pension, and I assist the Client Services Team with processing complex cases.

What do you like about being a Paraplanner:

I like the technical aspects, looking into clients’ old policies (some from 40 years ago) and the special features they had and whether it is worth keeping them or switching to a modern alternative. There is a lot of variety. I like using both words and numbers and my job certainly involves full use of both. I have now completed ten years at Taylor Money and over fifteen in the industry; you build up a bank of knowledge over time but things are constantly changing which keeps it fresh.

What is great about living and working in Cornwall:

I live in Porthleven and have sea views from almost every window. I have been in West Cornwall for over twenty years and I would never move back to the Midlands where I hail from (although it is always nice to visit). I like the slow pace of life, and the relative lack of retail amenities does not bother me as I detest shopping. As long as there are pubs and nightclubs within reasonable distance that is fine for me.

Tell us something about yourself:

During the first lockdown I took up the card game, bridge. It is like the game of whist but with an auction beforehand to decide the trump suit, so it is more complex. I must have played several thousand online hands by now and am getting quite good at it. It is a very social game and my mother – also a keen player – is encouraging me to attend clubs (which you can find everywhere, in the UK and abroad), now that many of them are resuming face-to-face games.

I also enjoy dog-walking, clubbing and almost any kind of science fiction.  


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