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Senior Paraplanner and Head of Compliance, Sharon Bray, explains how we look beyond the individual component of financial advice to deliver a total solution that can help our clients achieve their dreams.  As seen in Professional Paraplanner Magazine.

We often forget the value of money until we exchange it for time. In fact, if we measured the growth of money and used it to buy time, we would perhaps find ourselves with the ability to fulfil our aspirations, creating a different kind of wealth…spending more time with family, travelling the world, pursuing our hobbies.

So how do we guide you and your objectives during a financial planning meeting? We ask you to think about what is important to you. We strive to explore your current situation, how you arrived at this point and more importantly try to define where you want to be and within what timescales. We often see your objectives as pieces of a puzzle that when considered together, with the solutions we provide, paint the full picture.

‘The whole is other than the sum of its parts’ Kurt Koffka, Gestalt Psychology*

Consider the diagram on the right. Take your hand and cover up two of the black dots.

Hopefully you will see the famous Pacman character from the original arcade game, an individual component! Now remove your hand, what do you see? The three black dots work together to provide you with a perfectly formed triangle; seeing the whole influences your interpretation of the individual parts.

If we translate this to our financial world, we often see clients with a portfolio of investments, pensions and savings. Individually each plan may be valuable, may provide excellent growth but together they provide a solution, together they provide you with the freedom to meet your objectives better than each product could on its own.

Nurturing your Dream

Traditionally as financial advisers and investment managers, we make recommendations and construct portfolios based on a range of assumptions. However, by creating our own individual portfolios our time can be spent focusing on attaching an objective to your money. For example, it may be that you want to help your children or grandchildren achieve their dreams: to go to university, to climb a mountain or to own their first car.

These specific objectives help us define a risk profile that meets your timeframe. You may have a different objective that centres around your own financial development. For example, you may be starting up your own business and wish to retire early. We would consider the timeframe you have to build not only potential pension savings but also short-term savings for your business. The most important part of the process is deciding how you want your money to give back to you.

Evolve your dreams

Putting a realistic plan in place to reach your dream gives it definition. Reviewing that plan and allowing it to evolve with you throughout your lifetime allows you to take ownership; in the background we will be taking care of the strategy, the tax planning and ensuring that we support your objectives with complete financial planning.

Investing for your future with only a wish to make your money grow is our first port of call. Taking a dream and turning it into reality in any walk of life brings a sense of achievement; it leaves a mark in the sand. 

Sharon’s article has been published in the February issue of Professional Paraplanner magazine.  Click here for the full issue. 

So how can we help you?

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*To read more on Gestalt Psychology click here.

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